Responses to Our Nig; or Sketches from the Life of a Free Black, in a Two Story White House, North

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Our nig which is the name given to a free black slave, even though this name was given to a slave that was free did not mean you were free. This story exposes how the racial dynamics of slavery are replicated in the interracial encounters outside slavery. Our Nig was a story of a slave that fit under this category of not being free when freedom existed. In this passage I will give my critical analysis of my interpretation of Our Nig Frado who was abandoned by her mother and left at the hands

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The symbolism that she points out shows the reference and feeling that white is pure and dominating and black is not pure and submissive and subjected to being dominated. She states that we should not look at Frado as a person, but we she looks her as a necessity to the family because of her being a very good laborer. She believes that Frado being the slave in the house hold was very essential to the lives of the other white counterparts. Lois Leveen points out that having an indentured servant put the family in different class and it was becoming the new trend to have an indentured servant. She also states that Our nig does not bears no resemblance to slave narratives rather, Frado status as free reveals how the spatial and racial limitations that initially developed under slavery were already being imposed on free blacks and were likely to continue long after slavery ended. She firmly believed that even though Harriet Wilson writes an account of what Frado was going through that this was going to be a predetermined behavior by slave owners that lost such much wealth over that fact that slavery was ending that someone thought and said to themselves that we are just going to turn slaves into house servants.
I believe that Frado was treat horribly through her time in the Belmont’s estate, she was not a true indenture servant were she just did chores and clean
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