Response to Stroke of Insight Essay

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Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor had an amazing experience that most people do not get to tell after the fact. Especially because she is a neuroanatomist who knew what was happening and what parts of the brain were being affected. This book is informational on many different levels and to many different types of people. This book can warn people about the signs of when someone is having a stroke. This information could save many lives if someone were to read this book and realize they were having a stroke soon enough to call for help. It can be helpful for the treatment of stroke victims, average people looking to gain insight on life and how to better themselves, and to many professionals who know all of the science behind a stroke, but do not know …show more content…
When we learned the areas of the brain (i.e., where they are located and their functions), I was able to follow along as the author was explaining her symptoms of her stroke. When she got the feeling of being detached from reality, it was because her hemorrhage had spread to the sensory and orientation association cortex. When the neurons making connections in that area were damaged from the blood, Jill had a very hard time recognized herself as a solid. She described the feeling as being fluid with everything around her. Also, because of the damage to that area, time was disoriented for her as well. Listening to her experience, I also realized when the blood spread to her motor cortex. When the blood started to pool here, her limbs weren't working as fluidly as they had before. She described it as jerky motions. In class we learned about the disorder prosopagnosia, and Jill described some symptoms of this because of her lack of self-awareness and language. She did not have the words to be able to say “I am a person. You are a person.”
When the author explains her full experience, it helped me to understand the specific aspects of neurophysiology such as what are the symptoms when certain parts of the brain are damaged. I also learned what happened when more than one part was damaged. When she experienced the feelings of deep peace and euphoria, that was when the right hemisphere of her cortex started to “take over”. The left side of

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