Response to “on Being an Atheist” Essay

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Response to “On Being an Atheist”

By: Casandra Privette

In his article, On Being an Atheist, H.J. McCloskey tried to show that atheism is a more reasonable and comfortable belief than that of Christianity. McCloskey argued against the three theistic proofs, which are the cosmological argument, the teleological argument and the argument from design. He pointed out the existence of evil in the world that God made. He also pointed out that it is irrational to live by faith. In my response, I will argue that McCloskey’s article is one-sided and thus flawed in his conclusion that atheism is more comforting than Christianity and when one examines all the evidence, Christianity is truly a source for great comfort today.

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I do not blame God for allowing the evil to happen. He gave Adam and Eve free will in the Garden of Even and they sinned. The first evil that was brought into the world was through that sin, not God. I believe that a God that didn’t offer free will to man would lack perfection. We must choose the correct path, or we would not ever experience true joy in life. God allows us to choose for ourselves, and there are consequences to our choices. Some cause us great pain and some great joy. I would not trade the painful moments for all the joy in the world, for they make me stronger in my faith and my walk with Him. Only a perfect God would give us the opportunity to walk away from Him and pursue our own desires and then find our way back. I do not know why evil exists in the world, but I do feel that there are reasons for it beyond my understanding. When natural evils occur, it is comforting to have faith in God. I believe that sometimes God allows natural evil to occur to remind us that He is in control and that we must trust in Him for our security and to not trust in the world itself. As for the problem of the moral evil in the world, I don’t believe anyone would justify the actions of people such as Hitler. I do not blame God for the actions of these people, however. We are given choices and those choices are ours alone. Hitler chose his actions independent of the will of God. While these

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