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Response to “The generations at work” Recently as I was flipping through the Star newspaper entertainment section, I came across an article titled “The generations at work” written by Jean. It was such an intriguing article that it made me ponder for some time but I won’t agree or disagree to it, it is simply just my point of view. The article talked about the Generations that the X and Y, of the old timers and the restless young ones in the working industries. About the differences of how things are done between these two generations and ideals. “YOUR generation is just too materialistic! All you think about is money, money, money. There’s more to life than that.” (pgh.1) Well, it goes without saying that money makes the world …show more content…
Although this is true in some careers like the military or fire brigade as experience is gained and cannot be learned through books alone. A man can read a thousand books on war but will be useless on the battlefield without prior training. I assumed this article is about the business sector and sometimes, Generation Ys excel better at this compared to those of the Generation X. As time changes, ideas and morals must follow through to keep up.

“Before this millennium, if somebody wanted something done, he’d instruct a junior and it would be done. Today, when you approach the working adults of Generation Y, you have to think before you speak and be ready for questions and answers” (pgh.15) it goes without saying that Generation Ys are generally college or university graduates while Generation X are mostly only high school graduates. “Gone are the days when seniority gives one absolute authority” (pgh.15) I disagree with this statement mainly because in most long standing companies or organizations, the seniors are often your superiors and because of that, they have absolute authority over you. Therefore it’s not completely “gone” as the author stated so. From my observations of the differences of how these two Generations handle tasks given to them, Generation X does it quite differently from Generation Y. Those from Generation X will do so without asking many questions as they just get it done one way or another whilst those from

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