Essay on Respiratory Therapy

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Future of Respiratory Therapy

By entering the field of respiratory therapy, one is entering a growing field of opportunity. There are continually emergent job opportunities in this field whereas there is also a rise of growth in the technology and developments in the field such as medicines, techniques, and other aspects. Respiratory therapy refers to both a subject area within clinical medicine and to a distinct health care profession. During the 20th century, there were many health care fundamental transformations. Here are 10 possible predictions of what may occur in the future of respiratory care: (1) Less focus on raising PaO2 as a primary goal in managing patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure. (2) More attention to
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In a move to transform the nation's medical research capabilities and speed the movement of research discoveries from the bench to the bedside, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has laid out a series of far-reaching initiatives known collectively as the "NIH Roadmap for Medical Research."
"There has been a scientific revolution in the last few years," stated NIH director Elias Zerhouni, MD. "The opportunities for discoveries have never been greater, but the complexity of biology remains a daunting challenge. With this new strategy for medical research, NIH is uniquely positioned to spark the changes that must be made to transform scientific knowledge into tangible benefits for people."
There has been remarkable progress in medical research in recent decades. "NIH-led research has changed the landscape of many diseases. However, very real and urgent needs remain. NIH is now drawing all fields of science together in a concerted effort to meet these challenges head-on."
Soon after becoming NIH director in May of 2002, Dr. Zerhouni convened a series of meetings to chart a roadmap for medical research in the 21st century. This process identified major opportunities and gaps in biomedical research that the agency needed to address but no single institute could tackle alone. In setting forth an ambitious vision for a more efficient and productive system of medical research, the roadmap focuses on the most compelling opportunities

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