Respiratory Alkalosis, Metabolic Acidosis And Metabolic Alkalosis

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Hello, Today I will be discussing respiratory acidosis, respiratory alkalosis, metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis. Once you are done reading this presentation you will understand what each individual topic means, how and what part of the body it affects, how it can be treated and what the underlying causes of the conditions can be.
The two conditions that will pertain to the lungs that we are going to discuss is respiratory acidosis and respiratory alkalosis. Respiratory acidosis can also be known as respiratory failure or ventilator failure; which is a condition that occurs when the lungs can’t remove enough of the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the body. There are two forms of respiratory acidosis acute and chronic; acute condition occurs quickly and it is a medical emergency. If it is left untreated symptoms will get progressively worse and can be life-threatening. Chronic condition may cause symptoms and may also get acute respiratory acidosis when another illness causes the condition to worsen. Respiratory acidosis occurs when the pH level of the blood drops below 7.35, it usually caused by a lung disease or condition that affects normal breathing or impairs the lung’s ability to remove CO2. There can be causes for the chronic stage which can include COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), severe obesity, scoliosis and acute pulmonary edema. Then there are causes for the acute stage such as; sedative overdose, cardiac arrest, obstructed airways and…

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