Essay about Respiration and Blood Pressure

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RESPIRATION * Act of breathing * Supply the body with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide
a. External respiration – interchange of oxygen & carbon dioxide between alveoli & pulmonary blood b. Internal respiration – interchange of same gases between circulating blood & cells of body tissues

VENTILATION * Movement of air in and out of the lungs
Inhalation/Inspiration – intake of air into the lungs
Exhalation/Expiration – breathing out or the movement of gases from the lungs to the atmosphere

| Inhalation | Exhalation | Diaphragm | Contracts (flattens) | Relaxes | Sternum | Outward | Inward | Ribs | Upward & downward | Downward & inward | Lungs | Expand | Compressed |

Two types
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* Cheyne-stoke breathing – rhythmic waxing and waning of respirations, from very deep to very shallow breathing and temporary apnea.

4. Respiratory quality or character – those aspects of breathing that are different from normal, effortless breathing. * The sound of breathing * Amount of effort a client must exert to breathe

Ease or effort * Dyspnea – difficult and labored breathing which individual has persistent, unsatisfied need for air and feels distressed. * Orthopnea – ability to breath only in upright sitting or standing positions


Audible without Amplification * Stridor – shrill, harsh sound heard during inspiration with laryngeal obstruction
- noisy breathing * Stertor – snoring or sonorous respiration, due to partial obstructionof the upper airway * Wheeze – continuous,high pitched musical squeak or whistling sound ocurring on expiration and sometimes on inspiration when air moves through a narrowed or partially obstructed airway * Bubbling – gurgling sounds heard as air passes through moist secretions in the respiratory tract.

Audible by Stethoscope * Crackles (Rales) – dry or wet crackling sounds simulated by rolling a lock of hair near the ear. * Gurgles (Rhonchi) – coarse, dry, wheezy, or whistling sound more audible during expiration as the air moves through tenacious mucus or narrowed bronchi. * Pleural friction rub – coarse, leathery, or grating sound produced by the

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