Respect: Military and Orders Essay

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The Importance of Following Orders.

Why is it important to follow orders and instructions? From a military standpoint the difference can mean life or death for a soldier. On the civilian side it can mean the loss of your job, loss of position, or loss of pay. There are many factors that play into each individual scenario. No two events are ever the same and the outcome can range from a verbal reprimand to the death of the individual.

Orders are meant to be obeyed both explicitly and implicitly. There can be and should be no deviation from the prescribed order. In peacetime or during times of war we as soldiers do not have either the option or the privilege to take the orders issued to us into our own hands. The only time this is
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Following instructions are important skills that all individuals need in their lives. There are many instances where in the ability to follow specific orders is needed. There are many more instances wherein the inability to do so could result in fatal errors and irrevocable harm. These dire consequences could not only affect the individual who could not follow instructions closely but could also affect the one giving the instructions and also other individuals relying on the results of the given instructions .Following instructions can also be essential in the military setting. Leaders have to be able to teach their soldiers how to follow orders because it will prove essential to their later success in the military. In the Army, not being able to follow instructions can lead to a lot of things that can cause a lot of hurt to others. Although the Leaders are supposed to guide their soldiers in their careers, Soldiers should also be able to obey their Leaders as a means of respect and acknowledgement that it will be for their own good. When Soldiers, therefore, are not able to follow instructions, they are skipping out on an opportunity to learn something. Not following instructions also jeopardizes the goodwill within the Military and may create unnecessary

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