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Expository Essay: Pre-Writing Worksheet
Before you begin any writing assignment, it is often necessary to complete several “pre-writing” activities. This worksheet will assist you with several of the pre-writing activities necessary for completing your expository essay including selecting a topic, brain storming, developing a thesis statement, and identifying the audience for your essay. Follow the instructions to complete these pre-writing activities. Make sure you complete all 7 sections of this worksheet. 1. Choose a Topic
Here is a list of possible essay topics to use for your expository essay.
Please choose only one topic. You will indicate the topic you have chosen within the table below.

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1. An Expository Essay is your opinion. 2. This Expository Essay will also be a five-paragraph essay. 3. You do not have to use research to support your topic in your essay. 4. Your Expository Essay must have a thesis statement. 5. Your thesis statement will be the last sentence in your introduction paragraph. 6. For this Expository Essay, your thesis statement can have more than three sub-topic areas.

4. Brainstorming
Based on the information you learned in the media piece “How should I brainstorm,” complete the following section about brainstorming. Choose 2 of the 6 brainstorming methods you prefer and complete the methods by fill out the following tables with information about with the topic you have chosen from above.

What is your 1st Brainstorm Method? (Make sure you actually complete the method about your topic in this box) |

What is your 2nd Brainstorm Method?(Make sure you actually complete the method about your topic in this box) |

5. Creating your Thesis Statement:
Below is an example table of a topic and three subtopic points resulting from brainstorming. From this example you can see how to formulate your thesis statement based on ideas you have brainstormed about a topic. In addition, below the table is an outlined version of how to put a thesis

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