Resource Scheduling : Project Management Essay

765 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
Resource scheduling is one of the keys to successfully complete a project. Project managers can mitigate, avoid or accept possible issues by properly allocating and scheduling resources for the project.
Resource scheduling can be defined as a system of assigning all the available and future resources in order to successfully accomplish the project; however, project managers must accept that every project brings a risk, and they must prepare in order to mitigate, avoid or accept the risk. Resource scheduling, play a major role in project planning because if project managers fail to plan and allocate resources for the project, they will have problems in completing the project, this problem most likely will affect their reputation and most likely will hurt the project manager chances to lead other projects in the future.
Some of the benefits of resource scheduling are: effective use of all resources, higher levels of throughput, decreased turnaround of employees and effective communication process. Project managers need to know where all their resources are allocated, and by resource scheduling, project managers will know exactly where their resources are allocated. Today’s society expects people to do more with less, especially in the public sector, by implementing resource scheduling the project manager can increase the levels of throughput of the project and meet the demands of upper management. Communication plays a key role in any project, project managers shall maintain…

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