Resorts Essay

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Wynn Resorts: answer the following questions in APA Format

1. What is the importance of Mr. Steven Wynn himself, to the company? What potential problems could arise if he left the company?
2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Wynn's Macau (People's Republic of China) strategy?
3. What are the three main issues that Wynn Resorts must focus their efforts on in order to preserve their two largest revenue sources: the Wynn Las Vegas and Macau?
Mr Steven Wynn pursued his fervor as an entrepreneur and has changed the style of resorts and gaming. He is the most talented casino gamer in the world since long. He has made himself such a name in the gaming world that can never be out placed by anyone in the world. He is the same person
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The company heavily relies on his leadership and this has been the major strength of the company since long. The problem is that the present restrictions in China that have limited the number of casinos on the island of Macau off the coastline of mainland in China. The resort Wynn Macau provides the organization a strong grip for future development of the company. There is reasonable threat that the lease to Wynn Macau is extended only till 2017. The company has placed itself by differentiation which is provided in the organization’s mission statement which states “a commitment to provide an elegant environment with a difference”. This also acts as a strength for the company.

Three problems which are found in the case are the three challenges the company will have to face, and the near future may throw few curveballs along the way. Firstly the company needs to establish a way to preserve the competitive advantage as augmented competition is introduce both in domestic and international market of gaming industry. Secondly, the right to take control over the casino at Macau is held by the government of Macau government in 2017; this will surely have detrimental effect to the profits for the company. Certain ways out would be required to be devised to make sure that the existence of the company is not largely

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