Essay on Resolving Conflicts, Conflict, And Conflict

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Starting a new job or entering into a new personal relationship can be difficult and sometimes those difficulty turns into conflicts. “Often conflict offend our views about how things should be and, even more, how people should be” (Hamilton 2013, p. 34) It’s just the facts, conflicts are complicated, part of life left and when left unresolved destroy relationship. How a person deals with conflict varied from individual to individual and what circumstances caused it to happen. It is imperative that conflicts are identified, solve in a timely manner through negations. Resolving conflicts increase productive, trust and collaboration for the all involved.

Identifying Conflicts Individuals differences comes from culture which overtime develop personal beliefs. Personal beliefs are used to view other individuals though the lenses of their culture and often those view ended up causing conflicts. Conflicts creates environment that are very destructive either at home or work. According to Hamilton (2013), “The simple, self-evident truth is that, however difficult, conflict is intrinsic to our human experience in other words, it isn’t going away. It is part of the rich, gritty, and indispensable stuff of our lives” (p 1).
The fact that conflict is part of the human experiences, we as human needs to deal with it by first steps identify what type of conflict it is. Conflicts according to (Johnson & Johnson 2013), can be both positive and negative and they must be resolve…

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