Resolving Conflict : War Versus Peace Essay

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Resolving Conflict: War Versus Peace
Throughout history, mankind has struggled to maintain a balance between war and peace. Individuals are continuously attempting to maintain peace, yet they struggle with the prominent reality of conflict and war. Historically, English thinkers have surmised that conflict is an inert quality, yet some think otherwise. Additionally, many people question whether peace or war is more effective in dealing with conflict. More recently, the Modernists—especially George Orwell—have focused their attention on the debate of violence versus peace through the examination of historical events, such as World War I and The Cold War. However, most humans can agree on the fact that peace triumphs over war; all people should aim towards reconciliation rather than hostility. When dealing with national or international conflict, the parties involved should focus on peaceful negotiations rather than unethical violence. Several studies conducted have concluded that many people believe that violence is inert. According to Thomas Hobbes—an infamous sixteenth-century philosopher—“humans are warlike by nature” (Fry). Although peace is always preferred, recent surveys in Connecticut and Florida infer that our species was born violent. Since the first recordings of history, human nature has attained resolution through conflict. Hobbes says that “in the nature of man we find three principal causes of quarrel: competition… diffidence… [and] glory,”… man’s…

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