Essay about Resistance to Oppression

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Currently in the United States various forms of oppression afflict people of color everyday. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has been trying to amend this problem since the early 20th century. Their organization has defined oppression as confining minorities to the lower limit and outer edge in political, social, and economic aspects of life (Martin). The first strategy of resistance their organization should try to incorporate is education. Lawrence Blum, a philosophical writer for racial resistance, highlights three big points in his essay "Three Educational Values For a Multicultural Society." He states that the problems in our society can only be overcome by first educating our youth in a …show more content…
By seeing and respecting cultures in their view it teaches the third concept of valuing overall diversity within society. Blum gave an example of how a significant figure like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. needs to be taught in a multicultural way. He said that either he is currently presented as a leading figure to the black community or as a leading contributor to humanity. Blum says that both need to be emphasized at the same time to encompass his accomplishments for all cultures (573). Multicultural education teaches how different cultures influence full society as well as their own culture as an individual culture. By teaching in that way it establishes a connection of common knowledge and experience with all cultures, which is key to resistance. Both multiculturalism and antiracism are built upon group membership, but the concepts behind them promote two different but complimenting ideas. Multiculturalism serves to promote the often neglected and discarded contributions of minority groups to society, while antiracism works to clear the path so that minority groups may make meaningful contributions (Blum 576). Antiracism helps protect the similarities between different people, while multiculturalism highlights differences so they can be seen and respected. When both of these values are taught to the youth they will learn to recognize the equal dignity between all people and respect their

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