Resistance Movement During The Holocaust Essay

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Resistance Movement during the Holocaust Mankind had experienced numerous genocides throughout our history, which was mostly caused by religious and racial differences from bigger groups to a minority groups. The Holocaust is an example of one of the worst oppressions that human had to go through. The Holocaust, meaning “sacrifice by fire” in Greek, was an ethnic cleansing done by the Germans against the Jews from 1933 to 1945. More than six million Jews were murdered during the regime of the notorious Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, who came up with an idea that Jews were a threat to the German race. The persecution and mass murder sponsored by the Nazis motivated the Jews to resist against the Nazi oppression, both as a group and as individuals. Jews formed partisans and attacked Germans in the ghettos or behind the front lines in the forest. Despite the desperate efforts of the Jews to resist against the Nazis, Nazis had murdered almost everyone involved in the resistance and continued the genocide. Of all the genocides that occurred, we can see that there were always people who rose against their oppressors; they weren’t always successful, and if there were more people involved in the resistance movement, than it would have been possible to cease the genocide. The Resistance Movement could be defined as an opposition to Nazi occupation. It took many forms, including armed resistance in the ghettos and in the concentration camps, underground movements within the…

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