Resistance And Its Effect On Behavior Essay

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In working with this client it is important to understand her resistance. Her underlying cause that are driving her maladaptive behaviors. The client is pushing her husband away by her need to watch his every move and wondering if he is constantly cheating on her. In the client’s case, resistance is serving a purpose of impeding the uncovering of the problem and “once a conflict is reactivated in psychotherapy, they interfere with the renunciation of unconscious wishes and fantasies associated with the conflict” (Manetta, Gentille, & Gillig, 2011). The client is scared to move forward in her relationship because he could cheat again and any kind of good that was done during the time he was cheating would be a lie. Her resistance is being used to protect her, but it is also hurting her because she is constantly living in fear that her husband does not love her enough or that she isn’t good enough.
This client has major depressive disorder and her being co-dependent with her husband is making her symptoms worse. She can be overwhelming in her constant need to be reassured and feel needed. To help this client she needs to recall her early experience in which she started to develop self-defeating thought and started to depend on others. The goal is to undo the fixation she has “the aim is for clients to become less dependent and to develop a more functional way of understanding and accepting loss/rejection/change in their lives”(McLeod, 2007). In doing so she will become strong…

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