Why Is The Education System Lacking Resilience?

Increasing Awareness
Ever wonder why the education system is lacking resilience? There are many reasons that the education system is not doing a great job on educating students. The schools aren’t giving the students the necessary learning techniques or fundamental programs to help them inside the school and outside as well. Students need to have all the necessities in class to help them out and encourage them to make it better. The education system need resilience to sort out what is the best interest for the students who need supportive programs that they aren’t getting because there isn’t funds or other problems affecting their learning. Many schools haven’t noticed the environment they are leading to student’s education. The education
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People get taxed for many things but most of those taxes go to prisons. Schools don’t have money to pay for a lot of things students’ need and these taxes are supposedly distributed equally but schools don’t have enough funds to pay for new stuff. Schools have to reuse stuff because they don’t have enough money or they just can’t provide better things for each classroom so they have to share around. Some teachers have to buy stuff that is coming out of their own pocket because schools hardly have funds. Parents buy the necessary things that their child needs to learn with like binders, notebooks, pencils just so their child can have materials to learn better. A lot of this money is going toward a facility that has done bad, yet students who deserve better things in each classroom are being downgraded for those who have committed crimes. Some schools have old, squeaky desks that follows every movement the student makes while they sit on it. The classroom may not be as cheerful, exploding with bright colors on the walls expressing how learning is something exciting. Students need to have classes that make them feel excited to learn something, instead of coming to a boring, uninteresting, class. Students can be failing because they don’t have access to some things they need that the schools aren’t able to provide. Now schools are preparing students by turning in essays or even …show more content…
Now a day there are thirty or more students in a class, but the number of students keep increasing. There isn’t enough room, classes are packed with numerous amount of students. This affects the student because they miss the evaluation to have a moment individually alone with the instructor. Also it is a big distraction having so many students in a class that sometimes it’s hard for a child to express they are confused in a certain subject. They don’t want to be teased at for not understanding a subject or they are too shy to asked about with a huge class. It causes students to not pay attention and start getting low grades which is something the school educational system needs to improve on. It is also stressful for learning facilitators to manage so many kids in one day when in reality it should be a right amount of students instead of so much which effects the child

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