Essay on Residential Segregation Within The United States

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Residential segregation refers to the spatial separation of two or more social groups within a specified geographic area, such as a municipality, a county, or a metropolitan area (Timberlake & Ignatov, 2014). If we analyze metropolitan territories, we find distinctive sorts of neighborhoods. Some of them contain elegant homes with prosperous populations, while others contain unelaborate or even run-down homes. One of the most vital courses in which neighborhoods vary is in their racial composition. Specifically, examining the causes and outcomes of residential segregation in U.S. metropolitan regions, with an accentuation on segregation amongst African American and White households. Racial residential segregation is a prominent problem throughout the U.S. that poses detrimental, lifelong hindrances to those residing in these impoverished regions. These obstacles perpetuate the offspring to repeat the dysfunctional lifestyle modeled by their parents (Low social and academic achievement) as a result of their disadvantageous environment.
We commonly find White families leaving racially blended neighborhoods in an attempt to relocate to “desirable” White communities. Instead of being in neighborhoods comprised of an even mix of Whites and African Americans, Whites rapidly leave neighborhoods after the African American population reaches a certain threshold ("tipping point") (Boustan, 2009). White families seem to keep away from integrated neighborhoods as well as racially…

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