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Research Process and Methodologies Study Guide
Ebony McClain
HCS/465-Health Care Research Utilization
December 14, 2015
Dr. Donna M. Lewis Lee

Research Process and Methodologies Study Guide

Steps in Research Process

There are a total of seven steps in the research process, which are the following: Identify the research problem, review information, clarify the problem, prepare the research proposal, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation and works cited report.
Research Problem

In order to first, define the problem, it is important to understand the problem thoroughly and having the capability of rearticulating the problem into terms that easily understood from another point of view. The research problem may
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This can be accomplished by using the resources available through the library database(s). It is important during this step in the process that resources are also being checked for reliability and accuracy. The library database(s) provides a large range of information pertaining to just about any topic. Furthermore, facts are also provided based on the past, present, and future anticipation about the topic of choice.
Data Collection

Data collection is what follows next in the research process. Each resource should be reviewed thoroughly and relevant notes should be taken regarding the topic. It is important to keep track of the resources that are being collected throughout the research process, even if there is a chance that it may not be used. When one gets to the final step of creating the bibliography, it is required to have the following: author, title, publisher, URL, and any other information that may be required to properly cite a source.
Data Analysis

After the resources and articles have been gathered and sorted through, the next step is to begin the draft of brainstorming thoughts and ideas, which will lead to forming a research paper in an orderly fashion.
Citing Sources

The final step to the research process is citing resources. It is very important within this step that resources are cited properly for many reasons such as the following: if sources are used (which they will be) it is mandatory to give the author credit for

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