Researchers Have Found That Baby Talk By Parents?

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A. Defects in the eye, ear, and heart B. Attention problems and lower IQ C. Increased likelihood of prematurity and low birth weight D. Mental retardation, blindness, and other physical disorders

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Researchers have found that "baby talk" by parents _________________. A. Helps babies learn the melody and rhythm of their native language B. Holds children back from learning real language faster C. Promotes telegraphic speech, especially if it is overused D. Teaches children the correct grammar of their native language

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Noam Chomsky viewed language acquisition in children as the result of _______________. A. An innate mental module that allows young children to develop language B. Reinforcement by adults of correct language production C. Utilitarian learning in which children learn that correct language produces desirable results D. Classical conditioning of innate utterances produced by infants and young children.

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A. Before puberty, boys have higher levels of estrogen than girls do B. From puberty on, boys and girls produce the same amounts of androgens and estrogens C. Before puberty, girls have higher levels of estrogen than do boys D. From puberty on, boys produce more androgens and girls produce more estrogens.

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Adolescent girls who are lonely, depressed, worried, or angry are more likely than boys to express these concerns by _______________. A. Engaging in rule-breaking and risk-taking behaviors B. Internalizing their feelings C. Becoming aggressive and acting out sexually D. Attempting suicide

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During Erikson's stage of _____________, a person is acquiring new physical and mental skills, setting goals, and enjoying newfound talents, but must learn to control impulses. A. Initiative versus guilt B. Generativity versus stagnation C. Autonomy versus shame and doubt D. Ego integrity versus

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