Essay on Research Summary and Ethical Consideration

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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations

Grand Canyon University NSR-433
Professor Stone
August 15, 2015

Research Summary and Ethical Considerations
Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented with certain lifestyle changes such as increased physical activity, healthy dietary habits, and weight loss. However, A better understanding of what motivates lifestyle changes and the barriers that prevent the life style changes, especially among overweight individuals with risk of T2D was needed. The study, Motivators and barriers to exercise among adults with a high risk of type 2 diabetes – a qualitative study, was preformed to help fill this knowledge gap. The purpose of this study was to describe the motivators and barriers to exercise among
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Six face-to-face (FF) groups that lived in the same proximity and the counsellor were present in the same room as the participants. Formation of the groups included 5 to 9 participants per group. Individuals formed groups from the same municipalities, one male only, one female only, same employer, same city, and one from multiple employer group. Every 2 weeks for 1.5 hours, the groups would meet both face-to-face or video conference for counselling on dietary and exercise for the total of 6 months. The focus of dietary included: dietary habits, behavior changes, and frequency of meals, food quality, and weight management. Exercise interventions: the participants were informed of a previous study of that T2D could be prevented through lifestyle changes including the positive impact of exercise and given a pedometer. Prior to the fourth session, the participants were asked to do a voluntary exercise-related homework. The homework asked each participant to exercise with a family member or friend and record the amount of time and number of steps taken during the week. In previous sessions, the participants had already started several discussion of exercise; this was the similar topics in all 11 groups. All sessions were video-recorded and individuals participated in the group discussion and individual recording sessions. (Korkiakangas, 2011) The data from exercise discussions were sampled from the video-recordings (81.5 hours)

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