Research Study : Type Of Quantitative Research Essay

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Type of Quantitative Research Question
I would use a comparative research question and an experimental design for my research study. I would use a comparative research question because I am comparing two different groups and have only one dependent variable. I would use a true experimental design because I am using one control group and one experimental group. My research question is how does receiving subcutaneous injections of insulin compare to receiving insulin through an insulin pump in lowering A1C levels in type 2 diabetics.
Quantitative Research Methodology and Steps to Study Problem of Interest
Quantitative research is the foundation of statistics-based science. It gives you results that are concrete and tangible. When you undertake a quantitative research study, there is no questioning what conclusions you get from your results; the numbers only say one thing. It is the most objective, controlled, and easily generalized type of study (CourseConnect, 2016).
Quantitative research methodology steps and the steps I would use to study my problem of interest are as follows:
• Identifying Research Problem: A research problem can be identified by life experiences, wanting to solve a problem, finding gaps in research, being inquisitive and asking questions. Statement problems can be written in a form of several sentences that describe the problem or written as a question (CourseConnect, 2016).
• Formulating Purpose Statement: The researcher determines why the study…

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