Essay on Research Study On Student Retention

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Introduction According to Robert J. Sternberg in his “Essay On the Use of Research to Improve Student Retention”, there are 12 risk factors that explain why most students drop out of school:
1. Uneven formal academic knowledge and skills
2. Lack of informal knowledge about being a college student
3. Inadequate development of self-regulation skills
4. Impaired self-efficacy and resilience
5. A mindset believing in fixed rather than flexible abilities
6. Inability to delay gratification
7. Impaired ethical judgment
8. Disengagement from the university environment
9. Lack of interest in courses
10. Issues in academic trajectory
11. Psychological issues
12. Financial concerns
These risk factors are part of the reason for the decline in student attendance and retention in community and 4-year colleges. “With fewer available high school graduates, colleges must put an increased emphasis on retaining their current enrollment levels." (Mertes & Jankoviak, 2016). A major factor in helping with student retention is academic advising. “Academic advising, as described by Wes Habley, should be viewed as the ‘hub of the wheel’ and not just one of the various isolated services provided for students.” The article continues to state, “It is people who come face-to-face with students on a regular basis who provide the positive growth experience for students that enable them to identify their goals and talents and learn how to put them to use. The caring attitude of college…

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