Research Study On Quantitative And Qualitative Research Essay

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4. Research Design
4.1. Research Approach
There are two main approaches to conducting research, qualitative and quantitative approach (Bryman, 2012; Saunders et al., 2012; Babbie, 2014).
One way of differentiating quantitative and qualitative research is the type of data that used in the studies. Quantitative often associated with the use of numerical data (numbers) in data collection techniques (questionnaire) or data analysis procedure (graphics or statistics). On the other hand, qualitative researches were likely to be correlated with the use of non-numerical data (words, images, videos, etc.) in the data collection techniques (interviews) or data analysis procedure (categorising data). However, in reality many researchers use combination between the two approaches in their research to increase the quality of the research. For example, interviews may be conducted to follow up results from surveys/ questionnaires in order to get comprehensive understanding of the topic. (Saunders et al., 2012, p.161)
Quantitative research is more favourable to use in this research because there are different elements that could affect employees’ attitude towards e-HRM. These elements will required large numbers of data to research. Thus, using them as numbers will be more convenient things to do for the researcher. 4.2. Research Strategy
This research will be a case study research

4.3. Research Hypotheses
The new e-HRM system in the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia is…

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