Essay on Research Study On Children And Teachers

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The target population that he authors wanted to study was children in Elementary School. The population from which the sample was taken represented the appropriate people because the authors studied children from fourth through sixth grade (elementary school). The average age of children who participated was 10 years, and 26% of them were from public schools, 26% from a public school, and 7% from a parochial school. The schools indicated that 60% of children were Black, 26% were White, and 14% were from other ethnicities. They also measured children’s teachers to analyze participant’s emotion regulation. There were 23 general education teachers that participated in the study.
The sampling technique used was a convenience sampling method. This sampling technique is nonrandom, which means that the findings might not be generalized to other schools. Based on this sampling method, there are issues with the external validity.
Data Collection
In this study, the researchers collected the data from children and teachers by using questionnaires. This method is very useful because questionnaires are easy to administer to participants and easy to analyze; they are more objective than other forms of data collection, such as interviews, since participants’ responses are collected in a standardized way; they can be used to gather qualitative, quantitative, and mixed data; and so forth. On the other hand, some disadvantages of questionnaires are that it is difficult to distinguish when…

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