Research Study On Abortion And Gun Control Essay examples

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Before we talk about measurement scales and why they matter we should first explain what they are. A compound measure allows us to measure different aspects of a topic people would find complex. This topic could range from stem cell research to abortion to gun control. The good thing about compound measures is they have a general reliability to them. What I mean is, if an error is made it often does not make the whole measurement go wrong. Compound measures should have several different characteristics in common at least in measure. This is called homogeneity, for example when we look at economic development this has to do with the economy or when we look at sports measurements during a game. This would have to do with that sport. Now what are some of the scaling methods we use to measure compound measurements and how do they differ? Which ones are best for which kind of scaling? How do they compare and contrast? Should we prefer one over the other regardless? The first we should look at is a Index. An Index is a term for a set of variables used as a measure for a more abstract concept. Public Administrators will often find it helpful to use several indicators to form a single measure. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is classic example of this. It is the classic measure for production of a country. GDP represents goods and services produced by a country during a certain time period. Some of the indicators are Personal consumption, Government purchase, Private…

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