Research, Statistics, and Psychology Paper

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Research, Statistics, and Psychology Paper
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Research, Statistics, and Psychology Paper
Two important factors of psychology and studying it are statistics and research. This paper will explain what research is and the scientific method. This paper will also explain how research is important to psychology. When a researcher does studies on psychology they receive data from the subjects, they are studying. In any type of research there are two major types of data, they are primary data and secondary data. Data is important to statistics because it is the information a researcher receives from the studies they perform. Statistics puts all the data into a form that many people can understand. Statistics is an excellent way to
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The first step of the scientific method is to figure out the question to be answered after the testing is done. The second step is to research the question that needs to be answered. The third step is to make a hypothesis, which “is an educated guess about how things work” (Sciencebuddies, 2011, pg. 9). The fourth step is to complete experiments so to test the hypothesis made in step three. The final step in the scientific method process is to compile all the data received from the experiment and come up with a conclusion. The scientific method is important to statistics also because sometimes all the data from the experiment or testing done during the scientific method process.

Many people might ask what statistics is and how does it relate to psychology and research. According to Aron, Aron, & Coups (2009), “statistics is a branch of mathematics that focuses on the organization, analysis, and interpretation of a group of numbers” (p. 2). A researcher will use statistics to present the information gathered while doing research or experiments. Statistics is not just used by scientists but also by doctors and psychologists to analysis data. During the research process many times the scientific method is used to test a hypothesis and statistics is used to compile all the data and understand

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