Essay on Research Statement : Texas A & M University

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Research Statement
Nilabja Guha Texas A&M University
My current research at Texas A&M University is in a broad area of uncertainty quantification (UQ), with applications to inverse problems, transport based filtering, graphical models and online learning. My research projects are motivated by many real-world problems in engineering and life sciences. I have collaborated with researchers in engineering and bio-sciences on developing rigorous uncertainty quantification methods within Bayesian framework for computationally intensive problems. Through developing scalable and multi-level Bayesian methodology, I have worked on estimating heterogeneous spatial fields (e.g., subsurface properties) with multiple scales in dynamical systems. In these problems, which arise in many petroleum and hydrology applications, the forward problems are computationally expensive and highly heterogeneous with multiple space and time scales. Developing rigorous uncertainty quantification approaches, which can identify data- relevant scales and entail probabilistic interpretation for un-resolved scales is challenging and has been my research goal. On another application in aerospace engineering, my research goal has been developing optimal transport based space situational awareness (SSA) methods to view, understand and predict the physical location of natural and manmade objects in orbit around the Earth, where the main challenges are non–Gaussian distribution, sparsity of observation and, system…

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