Research Review : Self Management Support For Chronic Pain Essay

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Quantitative Research Review
What authors were involved in this research publication? What type of design was used? The authors who were involved in the publication “Self-management support for chronic pain in primary care: a cross-sectional study of patient experiences and nursing roles” was J. Lukewich, E. Mann, E. VanDenKerkhof, and J. Tranmer. The authors used two cross-sectional designs
What was the purpose of this research study? The purpose of this article was to describe self-management of chronic pain from the perspective of the individuals who were experiencing chronic pain and nurses who provide support for self-management in primary care in Canada. Data was gathered from two previous studies to describe self-management actions, barriers and facilitators of community-dwelling adults who were experiencing chronic pain; the duties and activities of primary care nurses in chronic disease management; resources for chronic disease and pain management in primary care organizations; and barriers and facilitators of primary care nursing role optimization.
Research Design
The type of research design used was data from two cross-sectional surveys.
Research Sample/Population The nursing survey consisted of 1911 randomly selected nurses, which included nurse practitioners, RN’s and LPN’s who indicated that they worked in primary care. The sample size was based on feasibility and resource availability (Lukewich , 2014). It is important to note that the regulated title…

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