Research Report On Farm Services Essay

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I felt that I trip to farm services was underwhelming. I was shocked by how little waste was located on their fields for University of approximately 15,000 students, including the staff and visitors. There were only 20 piles (at most) and composting takes a few months, which suggests that not much compostable waste is going there. Furthermore, it means that much, if not most, of the waste is going to landfills from Cornell. Also, I was under whelmed by the lack of equipment they had to heat and maintain the piles. I always imagine an affiliate of a highly regarded institution would be more automated, especially composting facilities. However, the only thing they had other than dumping trucks was the machine that turned over the compost, which was only run during the warmer months. This lack of equipment shows that it is easy to compost but also emphasizes the limited environmental impact commercial composting can have. The only concern I have from this trip was for the wildlife. The plethora of seagulls that were leaves concern over them possibly picking up the non-compostable or plastic items in the pile that slip through the composting system at Cornell, which could cause these seagulls harm (by accidentally swallowing them). Therefore, I wonder what precautions farm services takes to prevent endangering wildlife.
The trip to the Johnson Museum was eye-opening experience as well. It gave a different perspective on the idea reusing waste. When we think about using waste, we…

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