Research Report On Discrimination At The Workplace Essay

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Research Report on Discrimination in the Workplace
Discrimination at the work place refers to any kind of negative treatment that is targeted at someone on account of several factors including gender, race, cultural background, age, level of experience, language used or even skin color. In worse cases, discrimination is even perpetrated against people who have disabilities. The reason why discrimination at the work place is a big issue is because it cultivates unfavorable treatment of a section of employees instead of treating everyone fairly (Dipboye and Adrienne 82). At the work place, discrimination is mainly common in hiring and firing. However, even after hiring, there are still cases of discrimination during day to day operations. The present paper argues that discrimination at the work place should be eliminated because it places organizations at a competitive disadvantage. To prove this, different kinds of discrimination at the work place will be discussed and solutions to them explored.
Age discrimination
Age discrimination manifests itself in how employees or applicants are treated in a less favorable manner because of their age. It is also referred to as ageism in the work place. Some employers would want to be very careful about the employees that they have within their organizations and to achieve this, they could decide to discriminate people from a particular age group. Most of the times, it is either the elderly, or the youthful applicant and employees who…

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