Research Report On Business Management Essay example

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Research in business management is a systematic investigation that helps to answer complications within businesses. Research in the field contributes to management understanding and knowledge. Information from research is usually produced by the classical methods: statistical data and analysis, interview data, and survey data, like stock prices. Most management professors use “The Academy of Management Research” in their lectures, while people employed in the management profession exercise the “Harvard Business Review”. The “Academy of Management Research” publishes four journals about issues in business and education. The journal is purposeful for those who are interested in the practical applications of business and industrial research. Its mission is to support those people. The “Harvard Business Review” is a magazine, that focuses on topics that are applicable to various topics in business management such as: leadership, strategy, operations and, of course, managing people. Research in business management abides by ethical thinking. Researchers evaluate their found data properly and recognize that specified data may be confidential. Most data that management researchers find are private and, intended to be kept that way. When researchers question the ethics behind their research, they look to The Institutional Review Board and occasionally “The Code of Ethics”. The Institutional Review Board is a council that was instituted to review and authorize any and all research…

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