Research Questions And Research Design Essay

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3.1 research questions and research design

The major purpose of this thesis is to investigate teacher’s perspectives and their practices regarding TBLT in New Zealand and China as well as the contextual factors leading to the differences among their implementation of TBLT. Teachers’ principles and practices are compared to promote our understanding about TBLT, specifically the influence of the contextual factors on its implementation in China and New Zealand. This chapter describes the research design, a qualitative case study approach, research contexts and participants, data collection procedures and data analysis in order to address the questions that guide the study.
1. What do the four case study teachers believe about TBLT in the two contexts: New Zealand and China?
2. In what ways do the four teachers integrate the core characteristics of TBLT into their practices?
3. Which factors lead to differences between the teachers’ beliefs and practices in the two contexts?
4. What are Chinese students’ attitudes towards TBLT in the two different contexts?

This research is mainly based on a qualitative case study approach. In order to investigate teachers’ principles and practices related to TBLT in their classrooms, a variety of methods are required, including observation, semi-structured interviews , stimulated recall interviews and internet interviews. The combined methods complement each other in that interviews capture teachers’ statement about their teaching…

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