Research Question Sample / Participants Design Variables : Dependent Independent Procedures Analysis Results Recommendations Level Of Evidence

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Authors/citation Study purpose/ Research question Sample/ Participants Design Variables: Dependent Independent Procedures Analysis Results Recommendations Level of Evidence
Mukhopadhyay et al., 2010 This study has two purposes: The first purpose is to see whether a restrictive blood transfusion along with blood conservation system will decrease the amount of pack red blood cell transfusion. The second purpose is to see whether the blood conserving apparatus will conserve hemoglobin level from admission to discharge. Fore every single participant in the control group there are two intervention members. N=80 Participants in the control group and N=170 participants in the intervention group. The original numbers were 106 in the control, six patients were excluded due to active bleeding, 20 patients were admitted for less than 24hrs, and 7 patients died. In the active group, there were 231 participants, 5 patients had active bleeding, 56 patients were admitted to ICU for less than 24hrs, 18 patients died. All of the participants had arterial or central venous catheter line in place. Before and after study. Independent variables: Venous-arterial blood management system (VAMP) and strict transfusion protocol. Dependent variable: Preserved hemoglobin and prevention of transfusion. Following data were collected on admission, prior to discharge from the ICU or hospital, demographics, APACHE II score, prior PRBC transfusion, the need for renal replacement therapy, ICU length of…

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