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Merck Research Proposal
March 18, 2013
Merck Research Proposal Even though cost for medical care continues to escalate, Merck, the largest health care company in the world still works to improve people’s health and well-being. In November 2009, Merck, and Schering-Plough combined to create a new corporation. Both organizations together provide an even stronger commitment to providing good health and well-being. Through the years, Merck researchers have helped to find new ways to treat and prevent illness - from the discovery of vitamin B1, to the first measles vaccine, to cold remedies and antacids, to the first statins to treat high cholesterol (Merck, 2013). Merck’s mission statement defines their self-image as
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Merck has much strength but has many threats that will show how the organization places itself to overcome adversity from all areas and focus on stakeholders concerns and reassures at the same time.
Sources for External Environmental Analysis

Merck is a leading pharmaceutical provider domestically and internationally. The company continues to develop and foster partnerships with organizations globally. For example, Merck is strengthening its Asian presence. This alliance will prove an enormous increase in revenue while allowing company strategy to focus on growing promising markets, including biologics and vaccines. This strategic plan is essential to the mission and growth of the organization. According to U.S. Pharma & Healthcare Report, 73-101 Merck & Co had global sales of $27.4 billion in 2008, it ranked 2nd in the United States prescription sales in 2009, it has a lengthy exclusivity for many products and the move into biologics should raise margins in the long term. The marriage of Merck and Schering-Plough may initially cause the company to lose marketplace footing short-term, but investors will recognize the value of this approach. This will provide support to the share price. Kenneth Frazier, Merck’s CEO since January 1, is sticking to his strategy of expanding in emerging markets through partnerships, rather than acquisitions (Wharton, 2011). April 2011, Merck shares the merging partnership with Sun

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