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Analysis and recommendations for improvement of Customer Relationship Management
Research Proposal

IBMS IP5 3C Sponsor organization - Spodos spol s.r.o.

Lecturer: Drs. F.M. Bazen
Anna-Mariya Bitunska 11006161 Daniel Chrkavý Neliya
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The delivery is made the same day, sometimes even hourly. This service is only available in the weekdays. The store is open also on Saturday morning (8-12h) but only for individuals.
Size: 1300m2 + of storage place
Number of products: 1000+ (at least 80+ types of beer)
Spodos is a member of ZPN (Drinks retailing companies’ organizations). It’s an organization of warehouses in the cities all around Slovakia to negotiate better prices from manufacturers and multinational suppliers to get a fair advantage over big supermarket chains such as Tesco or Kaufland. Every member has the same prices of products.

Spodos has a rich history of providing great variety of products to local community by a network of bars and restaurants for the cheapest prices possible, and therefore we are hoping we can maintain and even strengthen our position by improving our service even better, more efficient and most importantly cheaper than the competition.

Research Questions

Central research question:

“What are the factors having impact on the establishment of a long-term relationship between the company and its customers?

Desk research questions:

* What is the overall market for retail companies in Slovakia? * What is the total market share of the retail companies in Slovakia? * What is the target market of Spodos Company? * What is the regional structure of the Slovakian market?

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