Research Proposal Sample on Vodafone Uk Customer Satisfaction

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Research Proposal Sample on Vodafone UK Customer Satisfaction

Introduction In the business industry, it is important to gather customer to make the product and services sold. Therefore, keeping a customer is difficult in the business when it is in the starting stage. A business will find it harder to find prospective and loyal customer when operating abroad. And because of the economic problem that many countries are facing now, another challenge was revived; how to keep the customer?
The Customer Satisfaction The customer satisfaction is a business term that measures how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. It is seen as a key performance indicator within business. In a
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The Business Case for Measuring Impacts The nature of multinational business is complex, shaped by globalization and rapid socio-economic and political change. Sustainability issues are increasingly contributing to this complexity, not least climate change, resource constraints, endemic poverty and ecosystem degradation. Committing to create a more sustainable and inclusive form of globalization and the following are the key objectives3:
• Develop a deeper understanding of how global issues such as poverty, the environment, demographic change and globalization affect individual companies and sectors;
• Use the understanding of these issues to search for more inclusive business solutions that help to address the issues at both a local and global scale;
• Align core business strategies with the solutions identified;
• Incorporate long-term measures into the definition of success, targeting profitability that is sustainable and supported by a responsible record in managing social, environmental and employment matters.
The Business in Developing Countries Companies recognize the risks and opportunities their operations face in developing countries and the important role they play in influencing change. They rely on transparent legal systems, access to markets and infrastructure services, social stability, healthy and skilled employees and suppliers,

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