Research Proposal Project Essay

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* Research Proposal Project

Management Dilemma and Research Question
The management dilemma in this ABC Shirt Corporation case is that there seems to be some change in sleeve preference in the western region. Management is concerned that the shift in consumer preferences may continue and intensify if news of a fresh West Nile Virus outbreak comes during the next summer season and needs to determine if they should include a “West Nile Virus” feature to the coming summer marketing campaign.
Based on the management dilemma described above, a relational hypothesis is determined to be the most suitable type of hypothesis for this research study among proposition, descriptive hypotheses, and relational hypotheses.
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Using this sampling method, the researchers can further divide the stores in the virus infected and uninfected areas (subpopulations) into smaller subgroups in accordance with the degree of seriousness of the forecasted West Nile Virus outbreak.

The researchers can set up a balanced likelihood scale from “1” through “5” where “1” for most unlikely, “2” for somewhat unlikely, “3” for neutral, either likely or unlikely, “4” for somewhat likely, and “5” for most likely. The researchers then design the interview questions that reveal people’s opinions and preferences regarding to the research topic. The researchers can randomly interview the customers in the stratified groups of stores about their preference on wearing wear long sleeve shirts this coming summer.

After collecting the data, the researchers can analyze the data to find the probability of wearing long sleeve shirts among the different subgroups. The researchers can also compare the preferences between the stores located in the virus infected and uninfected areas. Through these analysis, the researchers can determine whether or not a valid relationship between increased preference of long sleeve shirts and concerns on the West Nile Virus exists.
Type of Data
The researchers will collect nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio data. The researchers will first utilize nominal data when stratifying the stores into the virus

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