Research Proposal on Childhood Obesity Essay

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Health Risk Due to Child Obesity

Ashley Jenkins

ENG 122 English Compositions II

Instructor: Renee Gurley

February 28, 2011

Health Risk Due to Child Obesity Child obesity is a condition characterized by the child having too much fat in the body to an extent of his or her health being in danger. In adults, it could be described as a state of having a body mass index of more than thirty (Paxon, 2006). Parents feeding them with too many calories bring about obesity in children. The excess calories are converted to fats that accumulate in the child’s body. This child will develop a big body because he or she will add weight and become quite fleshy. Obese children are at a risk of getting very adverse health effects, some of
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The diet should be balanced and meals should be eaten in a regular schedule. The child should also be assisted to shed the unnecessary weight. This should be done using the safest method. The child should also be encouraged to work out a lot and be very active.

The find acquired so far include prevention and the long-term effects that would be brought on by by obesity. To prevent obesity from affecting one’s child, the parent should ensure that he or she eats low-calorie foods. The child should also increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and water. A child should be encouraged to participate in outdoor activities such as sports and games. If a child becomes obese and little or nothing is done, there are long-term effects. These include diseases like coronary issues and problems with respiratory system. Due to poor health, children may not live up to their potential. Parents’ spending a fortune for their child treatments brings non-satisfaction and potential depression (Kazaks & Stern, 2009). Mothers who have jobs do not directly cause weight problems in their children, but families that are busy not really having the time to prepare food that rely on fast food and frozen dinners. Addressing obesity in children is a very vital issue. It is important to understand what causes this condition, how to identify it, treat and prevent it. The health of our children is the most important thing.

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