Research Project Assignment Essay

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1. P2 Justify the chosen methodology in terms of research question--------------------2
2. P1 Proposed Research Topic-------------------------------------------------------------------2
3. P3 Time line for the research-------------------------------------------------------------------3
4. P4 Ethical Guidelines-------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
5. P5 Primary and secondary research relating to the proposal----------------------------3
6. P6 Describe and justify the chosen methodology------------------------------------------4
7. P7 Prepare for the research project process and action plan with supervisor---4/5
8. P8 Monitor and revise
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P7 Prepare for the research project process and action plan with supervisor:
The businesses that responded to the survey consisted of 42.9% restaurant, 35.7% sporting goods/retail/grocery, 7.1% hotel/motel, and 7.1% other businesses. The participants were asked to rate their involvement in the community on a scale of one to four. Fourteen point three percent of the respondents claimed that they never attended events, and another 14.3% said that they rarely attended events. There were, however,
50% of the respondents that indicated they occasionally attend events, and 21.4% that say they attend events frequently.
Participation in community events was also examined. We found that 21.4% of the respondents never participated in community events, while 42.9% of the population rarely participated in events. It was interesting to find that only 14.3% of respondents occasionally participate in community events, and only 21.4% claim that they frequently participate in community events.
The survey also indicated that respondent activity as volunteers for community events was comparable to the other sources of involvement. The category of volunteering includes things such as working at events, or planning events.

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