Research Plan And Approach Of Research Essay

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Research Plan and Approach
There are several steps that need to be taken in order to conduct quality research. The ultimate goal is to gather reliable data to subjectively answer the thesis statement. For this particular research the focus will be on the emotions and their effect on leaders. The evidence required for this topic will require mostly measurable data, which can be found by conducting quantitative research. Specifically, the topic needs to be evaluated in order to apply the appropriate type of research. Also, existing and reliable literature will need to be located by building a plan, which will include library and internet resources. Altogether, doing these things will help focus the research on the topic and prevent wasted energy.
Topic Evaluation Perspective Evaluating the topic from a certain perspective helps define the type of research required in order answer the appropriate questions. After initially evaluating the topic of emotions and leadership, the best approach will come from taking the “professional” perspective. This perspective allows the evidence to dictate the end result. Also, taking this perspective will help to keep the paper neutral by simply gathering, examining, and finally presenting the information. Essentially, taking this approach will allow the evidence to prove or disprove relationships between emotions and decision making by leaders. Additionally, taking this perspective will prevent the manipulation of…

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