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Lab Research Report
SCI 110
January 27, 2014
Strayer University

Lab Research Report Research in the physical sciences has often been limited by our abilities of safety observing and studying the phenomenon in question. Even before the thought of microscopes, it would have been impossible to comprehend the composition of the most basic cells. The exact issues are the current issues in the field of physical science today, but it’s particularly true in the world of physics. While new technologies exist to measure phenomenon, it is not always safe to do so in the field that deals with radiation, unstable compounds, particles and atoms. As a result, the technology that we have in the field of physics, but across the board in the
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Instead, scientist have utilized other substances to measure the location at a particular point in time such as when an electron passes through a particle detector layer. The third major obstacle to direct measurement in the field of physics is that so little is known about the field that has never been observed before. The field of physics requires creative solution and the constant invention of new measurements techniques to explain the way in which the universe woks on a subatomic scale. Historically, there has been many influential tools and technologies on physical science. One tool that has been influential would be the microscope. The microscope was created with a simple lens in the 14th century. The microscope has developed into a tool that is able to use electrons to develop high resolution images of small objects. The simplest microscope works with a system of two curved lenses that magnify an image with the way in which they bend light. The use of multiple lenses at two ends of a tube greatly increases the magnification effect of the microscope and by moving the lenses, a sharp focus of the object can be obtained. With a microscope, the first cell was discovered, followed rapidly by the inner mechanisms that allow life in plants and animals alike; today the invention of high resolution electron microscope and scanning tunneling microscope have allowed us to finally be able to see even tiny virus

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