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Research Process and Terminology
Terminology and comprehending field specific terminology is crucial no matter what field a person is in. Terminology field is specific in differentiate terms that might find associations to other fields of study or the spoken English language. Experts use terminologies categorize the academic information making sure that it is relevant to study. Criminology and criminal justice also have their own set of terminology in topics regarded to the theories, research methods, and regular dialogue to maintain a level of academic proficiency and to differentiate between other fields that may share some of the terminology. Research terminology is also different in criminology and criminal justice
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The best example of this term is best described in an example of criminologists using finger printing to verify whether or not a person actually had committed the crime (Law Library, n. d.). Criminology relies greatly on qualitative research as it is the method of gathering information for the experts for a criminal population, this main include observing a case, studying the behavior found in an individual or group, and conducting interviews. This method of research focuses primarily on experiences of a person in the situation or circumstance. The method of qualitative research brings about the true understanding of the scene or circumstance that might be under investigation (Mesko & Bucar-Rucman, 2004). The research methods of criminology lie under the two basic philosophical traditions of social sciences. These are reflection of historical, intuitive method, and observational approach that shows that physical and social science are two separate and divergent fields, and the second positivism method (Hagan, 2010).
How will this new terminology and knowledge apply to a career in criminal justice? The fields study of criminology, and criminal justice research is exposed to foreign languages in the research process. However, the main method of conducting research regardless of the language barrier is by understanding steps to tackle the research problem or question. The research process usually starts

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