Research Paper 'Story of an Hour'

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“The Story of an Hour” Research Paper

Are men and women today more liberated then they were a century ago? While reading a critical essay about women authors and in particularly the author of “The Story of an Hour”, Kate Chopin, it described the struggles Chopin faced getting people to read her feminist stories “Chopin seems less atypical in her censure of scribbling women” (Thomas) thus concluding that women were less liberated back then than they are currently. My group and I unanimously believe that yes, men and women are much more liberated than they were a century ago. This is true because men and women have more opportunities. Men and women can also fill non-traditional roles. Women can now have jobs instead of being the
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This all becomes particularly apparent when one compares the jobs available to men and women in both time periods. Any type of gender boundary apparent a century ago has all but vanished in current times. Back then, when a woman did work the jobs that were available to her was very limited. Also, while men did work and did have a lot of job opportunities available to

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