Research Paper On Pitbulls

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There are some people who claims that pitbulls are a vicious breed; however, I would like to say that pitbulls are not a vicious breed. And here are the few reasons why I think pitbulls are not a vicious breed. Some people would agree that pitbulls are nice and caring because it is all on how you raise them. You cannot expect to treat a dog like it is piece of trash, and expect the pitbull to behave and follow orders. That is like yelling at a toddler to stop crying, do you think they are going to stop crying? Also, you have to get to know the dog; you have to know what upsets the dog and what makes the dog happy. As well, you have to show the pitbull affection, you can’t distant yourself from your dog and expect it to obey you. That is like

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