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Making the right choice should never be so hard. In My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult, the main character, Anna, faces the choice of saving her sister or having a “typical” teenage life. In the small town of Upper Darby, Rhode Island lives a family of four plus Anna. Anna, a thirteen year-old girl, is the “family’s constant,” (Picoult 39). Anna seems to be the one keeping them steady, she never shows her emotions, and she is always giving. Her parents (with the help of a doctor) chose all of Anna’s attributes. They chose her cells, her blood type, and her life. She’s a savior sister, saving her sister life has been her only objective sense birth. Her sister, Kate, has a very unfortunate disease, Leukemia. Anna donates blood, stem cells, …show more content…
In the realistic fiction book, My Sister’s Keeper, Anna struggles with this exact problem. From 1990-2004, a family of four plus Anna lives in Darby, Rhode Island. Anna is an add on in her family, because her parents made her for her sister Kate. Her parents choose her cells, her blood type, and her life (which was mainly in the hospital). She is a savior sister, living to save her sister, Kate, from Leukemia. Up to today Anna would donate anything her sister could possibly need. more. But now she has to donate her kidney. After all of the surgeries and donations forced on her, she wants to be a free and independent person and create her real self. A kidney transplant is a hard surgery to recover from too, and Kate might not even make it though the procedure. Going to attorney Campbell Alexander, so she could fight for the property of her body, seemed to be her best option. After a few appointments they got to know each other, and Alexander sent a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald. Even the horrified looks her parent’s gave her were not enough, she proceeded (now spending most of her time in a court room or the hospital), and went into a trial for the petition of medical emancipation. As the trial comes to a close another medical crisis arises, and turns the Fitzgerald’s world upside-down sending them for many more loops and even more ups and downs. This depressing yet heartfelt book will have anyone in tears in a matter of minutes. The book will never leave the reader’s hand. As the reader turns the page they are constantly wanting to help the characters out and solve the dilemma for them. The character’s teach many lessons throughout the book It is hard to make the right choice in life, be yourself, and stand up for your beliefs is just a few of them. As many people continue to read this book; many will fall in love, and never put it down- not even at the

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