Argumentative Essay: Cigarettes Should Be Illegal

Cigarettes Should Be Illegal
The drugs in cigarettes kill numerous people in the United States yearly. People know the dangers of a cigarette, but they continually smoke it. It can cause multiple cancers and smoking should not be taking lightly. There is no way you are getting healthful benefits from smoking. Smoking harms three things in the world with the drugs a cigarette contains, which are; the smoker harms themselves, they harm people around them due to second-hand smoke, and they hurt the environment due to littering.
Cigarettes need to be illegal in the United States. There are so many facts of how cigarettes are harmful, but nobody is doing anything about it. Smokers continually smoke and harm themselves, while non-smokers are still breathing in the toxic chemicals through second-hand smoke, which is just as bad. Marijuana is illegal in the majority of the United States and does not have as many harmful effects as cigarettes, so it would make more sense to stop cigarette businesses for good and make smoking cigarettes against the law.
There are many counterarguments to this subject. Smokers may say how the United States is a free country and smokers are allowed to do what they want. They could also argue how they can spend their money and time
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Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean smokers should buy everything off of the shelf, or anything from the shelf for that matter. Overtime, money towards cigarettes build up. A smoker can benefit more by saving money for future bills, college, kids, or food, and not buying harmful cigarettes that can only ruin a person’s future. According to, “In 2014, a packet of 20 cigarettes costs around $18.70. That means if you smoke a pack a day you will spend more than $5,000 a year on cigarettes.” That would be $5,000 wasted on nothing but nasty side-effects and a bigger chance for several

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