Research Paper On Becoming A Registered Nurse

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The Job of a Registered Nurse

Becoming a registered nurse (RN) takes a lot of hard work, but in the end it usually pays off. In this paper I will give you some information on what it requires to become a RN and about this job. To start off on becoming a RN you need to have a bachelor's degree or associate's degree, this usually takes about 3-4 years to earn. Some good colleges to go to for becoming a RN and getting a degree are Columbia University, University of Colorado - Denver, and Oregon Health and Science University. Next we will cover the required skills for becoming a RN. According to the top five required skills for becoming a RN are ,”... effective communication, you need have flexibility, critical thinking,
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The average annual salary for this job is $65,490. Having an education will make a difference in this job since you need a degree to get the job. This salary increases by about 10% each year if you work hard. If you are an entry level RN you can get paid anywhere from $ 42,449- $73,990. Then for mid- career $47,737- $86,,170. In your late career you usually make $50,938 - $99,428. The minimum you can make is 42,449 but the maximum you can make is 99,428. A RN usually works for 12 hours at a time, which is really long each weekday. This job is mainly in the city in a hospital or doctors office and is done inside. There are many job benefits to being a RN like one example is tax savings plan. There are many more benifits also, Flexible work schedule, career flexibility, and according to “... high salary packages, dental and vision insurance, health insurance, and life long learning.” are all benefits of being a RN. There are also some job drawbacks. The drawbacks are according to “you have a huge exposure to different germs, this job can be very stressful, you might have to witness some sad situation, and you might have to work weekends and/or

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