Research Paper How Divorce Affects or Children

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Research Paper: The Impact of Divorce on Children Jimmy Trolinger
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Author Note
Jimmy Trolinger, Psychology Student at Liberty University
Prepared for Professor Jennifer Kennedy
Psychology 210 D-12 Liberty University

Divorce causes many problems for children and has many implications. Psychological implications include mental health problems and behavioral problems. Social roles are turned inside out and upside down. Children are often pulled in many directions. In the United States divorce is very common and often leaves children confused and without options. Many turn toward violence, crime, drugs, and isolation. Studies show how adults can reduce the tension for these children. Other
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These things can be long lasting and make it very hard for a child to cope with life in the short and long term.
The Effects of Divorce Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce and hundreds of thousands of children have to cope with the impact of divorce each and every year in the United States of America (Jellinek, 2010). The negative effects on children are numerous and can impact every aspect of the child’s life. Although it is not hard for someone who is aware of the negative effects of divorce to identify them in a child’s life, it can be very difficult for the untrained person to see a connection. Parents are often stressed out during this time so their normal awareness is usually hampered during the times of, and shortly after a divorce. Parents should educate themselves so they can see the signs of a negative impact on their children early before the problem become too severe.

Mental Health Effects of Divorce on Children Academic performance commonly slips during the first year after a divorce. If the problem persists longer it can be a sign that the child is developing a psychological problem that stems from the stressful events of the divorce (Jellinek, 2010). Children often feel guilty for their parents’ divorce and are “left thinking what they said or did that caused the divorce” (Kumar, 2011, p.125). Children are often pulled in many directions and have to cope with living in two separate worlds at the same time. The child may

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