Research Paper About Rumors

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Since ages, people have been passing the story person to person to make it more obvious. It has never been gone, but it has been creating insecurity. A rumor is like gossip; some can be true some cannot. Sometimes, some rumors start with the true statement, but later it end up being distributive and annoying. It can be very harmful to some people who take things straight to their heart rather then understanding the fact that it is just a gossip that people create, but it is different with every individual. In this chapter, I will be focusing on three authors who gives an excellent explanation of rumors from their theory of how rumor spread, types of rumors and how it affect us.
There are many ways to spread the rumors and many of us accept
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In the article by Nicholas Difonzo, he gave us some made-up statement of several things that were made by the people and has spread across the world with the valid statement. He talks about how rumors can spread saying “Rumor is a group phenomenon, something that happens between at least two people (usually more)” (Difonzo 376). Rumors starts when one person tells another person, sometimes without having a valid verification. It usually starts one person telling another and it multiplies after then as described in the picture beginning of the chapter 11. When rumors are spread, sometimes it ends up being in bad shape to make believe it is not true because of the unverified information. In order to do something with information, people need to know whether it is a valid information to pass on. As seen in, “missing kidney” rumor, no one was certain about the true story and it is so hard to believe that someone out there has been illegally removing the kidney. But it didn’t matter if one had believed or not because the rumors have spread even though so many people may decline it is not true. Within a few months, story was all over the places, like India and Mexico. All this people made a good story out of it without knowing if it is a true story or not. So many people claimed that their kidney was removed without any evidence and when they were asked to come in front of the world, …show more content…
They tend to attract attention, induce emotion, and affect the way we see each thing that happens around us but then also it can destroy a our self-confidence. It also can lead to depression and other psychological problems. There are many types of rumors and gossips that are being used around us without carefully using in certain place and time. We say he/she backstabbed me, and is dishing me are some types of information that we use wrongly and becomes the rumors. As we know, some rumors also have good and the bad sides, which affect us differently. Some of us talk about someone just to fit in a friendship or in a group and can affect other people. If we talk about a specific person in the social network, sometimes we tend to change our view toward that person if we are not close enough to that person. Sometimes we may even participate in that group to embarrass or hurt that person. Rumors only don’t only affect socially, but also affect politically. In the article “ In Untruth About Obama, Echoes Of A Distant Time”, Samuel Freedman talks about how it can affect life politically. There has been a rumor about Obama not being from The United States, but in this article Freedman talks about how it almost affects Obama’s life because of his religion. There had been a rumor his religion and can not serve, as a president because wasn’t following what a president should. He goes on and

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